The business correspondence between lawyers and judges will be carried out over the Internet

The Moscow City Court and the Moscow Chamber of Lawyers are working on a cooperation system based on the services of the Complex regular courts information system.

This initiative pre-supposes that the lawyers will have remote access to the trial contests via their personal accounts at the Unified regular courts’ portal, can send and receive emails and use many other features making it easier for the courts and the lawyers to interact.

The developers also plan to introduce an option of paying attorney’s fees via this system. Once a lawyer completes one’s job, an electronic application is formed in the court’s database. The fee will be calculated based on the scope of services rendered.

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According to Alla Zhivina, the Vice President of the Moscow Chamber of Lawyers, the Moscow City Court has already performed its obligation, so it’s the Chamber’s turn. The expert believes that this interaction system will fully eliminate any behind-the-scene games because all legal cases will be distributed anonymously in an automated way.

Preliminary estimations say that the portal is due to start working in January 2017.