The bill draft allowing online court hearing broadcasting has been approved

The Government of the Russian Federation has reviewed and approved the bill draft submitted by the Ministry of Justice, according to which court hearings can be broadcasted and the court orders can be published online. The changes will be introduced to all procedural courts, the Code of administrative court procedure, and the Administrative Offences Code, and will stipulate common broadcasting rules.

The Judicial department under the auspices of the Supreme Court, the Supreme and the Constitutional courts will take care of the issue above.

According to the bill draft, it is impossible to challenge a joint decision: the broadcasting approval grants video access for all users.

The matter is still to be discussed, so more details will be available on the state documents “Regarding the amendments to the specific legal acts of the Russian Federation” and “Regarding the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation” later on.

According to Olga Egorova, the Chairman of the Moscow City Court, the broadcasting opportunity is a great step in enhancing the judicial system in Russia since those broadcasts will make both the judges and the prosecutors more disciplined.

All Moscow district courts will have to provide online broadcasting starting 2017.