Domestic litigation

«Tesla Trial Lawyers» successfully deals with the clients’ cases both in arbitration courts of the Russian Federation and in courts of general jurisdiction of all levels (including the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation). We offer our services in all Russian regions and have a wide experience of representing the clients, sending us requests from various parts of the country.

The best evidence of our professionalism is not only the number of cases we won, but also our following the rule «We earn money only when the client’s issue is settled».


We specialize in settling commercial disputes, including the following types of cases:

  • disputes regarding transactions on withdrawing assets;
  • real estate disputes;
  • cases of bankruptcy;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes with public authorities;
  • rental disputes;
  • intellectual property cases;
  • cases on supply agreements, contracting procedure;
  • disputes regarding agents contracts;
  • building-related disputes;

We have an extensive portfolio of successfully settled issues connected with abovementioned types of disputes which makes it easier to analyze details and key aspects of different cases.



  • Assistance in disputes on bankruptcy of the group of companies «United Panel Group», Zheshart plywood plant (claim on the amount of more than 2 billion rubles).
  • Assistance in debt recovery from the builder Su-155.
  • Representation in court on behalf of the group of companies «Vils» (fur production) regarding rental disputes.
  • Debt recovery in favor of the power company «Electrocomplect» (both in Russia and in the CIS countries).
  • Representation in the case of «Doromost OAO» (Open Joint-stock Company) bankruptcy.
  • Debt recovery from Federal Budget Institution «Podvodrechstroy».
  • Representation on behalf of the Seventh continent company in disputes on debt recovery regarding goods supply.