Enforcement of Russian courts’ judgments.
Debtors, avoiding their obligations, bankruptcy.

Enforcement of Russian courts’ judgments requires close attention to the debtor’s assets and his/her transactions on withdrawing assets, both of which may be considered void, by performing special procedure.

Our experience in the field gives us an opportunity to develop detailed reports on the debtor’s financial activity, including information on active bank accounts, etc.

Various schemes of bringing the managers, representing the debtor’s interests, to criminal and administrative liability often act as telling arguments, which make people pay debts.

Being closely involved into such details helps us to win debt recovery cases.



  • Representation within the framework of enforcement proceedings on behalf of LLC «Balezinsky Woodworking Plant», more than 100 million rubles;
  • Debt recovery on mortgage-related issues on the territory of the Savyolovsky market;
  • Debt recovery in accordance with the decision of the International Commercial Arbitration Court in South Korea, 80 million euro;
  • Debt recovery case against the group of companies Solidstroy;
  • Debt recovery case against the group of companies Premier Capital;
  • Debt recovery case against the group of companies Morton.