Daniil Limarev


Daniil Limarev
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Specialization and experience

Daniil Limarev is a lawyer at «Tesla Trial Lawyers».

Daniil is an experienced adviser providing help in developing various legal papers, as well as their legal examination. He has a great experience of interaction with different legal authorities and other organizations and institutions.

The key area of Daniil’s work is protecting clients’ interests in the arbitration courts at all stages of legal proceeding regarding cases of debt recovery on the issues of debtors avoiding their contract and other obligations. Daniil’s responsibility is to monitor the whole process from working out a demand and a statement of claim to representing the principal in the courts of appeal and cassation with initiating enforcement proceeding if necessary, or handing in enforcement orders to the bank before the collected funds are transferred to the client’s bank account.

Daniil is an expert in debt recovery.

The long list of successfully solved challenging and really complicated cases connected with clients’ representation is an impelling example of how analyzing possible legal risks helps Daniil to find a key to the current situation.

As an expert in the e-justice system Daniil is able to protect Russian clients’ interests remotely, which guarantees court decisions in favor of the client being taken even without personal presence at trials.

Furthermore, Daniil is recognized as a careful and polite employee, considering business ethics while communicating both with clients and representatives of state and other authorities.


Key areas of work

    • Representation in the arbitration courts of the Russian Federation;
    • Legal assistance within making deals;
    • Debt recovery, Representation in cases of insolvency (bankruptcy);
    • Legal examination and drawing up contracts;
    • Enforcement of Russian courts’ decisions. Solving questions with debtors avoiding their obligations, enforcement proceeding.



  • Law College №1 of Saratov State Academy of Law
  • Saratov State Academy of Law (former Saratov Institute of Law named after D.I. Kursky) – diploma with honors.