Denis Kutishenko


Kutishenko Denis Sergeevich | Tesla Trial Lawyers
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Candidate of legal sciences

Specialisation and experience

Denis has a great experience of being a head at legal departments of big industrial holdings, which guarantees him a better perception of various situations, gives him an opportunity to plan and arrange implementation of complicated tasks, as well as to set guidelines for legal assistants of the companies, helping them to show the best results.

Denis specializes in carrying out cases connected with bankruptcy of large companies. Moreover, in his track record you will find such successfully finished projects as bankruptcy of big woodworking plants from the north-east of Russia having more than 3000 employees. (UPG group)

The wide experience of dealing with large companies makes it possible to analyze the algorithm of developing a proper tax policy based on the key aspects of the field, including companies’ international activities.

In addition, Denis has been recognized as a successful specialist within settlement of corporate disputes, protecting rights of companies in cases regarding hostile takeover and arranging an effective dialogue with antimonopoly control authorities.



  • Legal assistance in deals on business restructuring;
  • Representation in cases of bankruptcy;
  • Advocacy in arbitration courts;
  • Monitoring compliance of the company’s activities with the current antimonopoly legislation, the regulations regarding state-owned enterprises, as well as with the existing tax legislation;
  • Representation in antimonopoly institutions;
  • Taking part in enforcement proceedings on behalf of the claimer and the debtor;
  • Registration of foreign currency transactions and deals with foreign capital;
  • Protecting companies from hostile takeover;
  • Protecting companies from inappropriate actions of contractors;



  • State University «The Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration under the Head of the Komi Republic» (Syktyvkar)
    Diploma with honors
  • Belgorod State University
    Candidate of legal sciences